I decided to put my Scooby-Doo detective abilities to the test and examine 1x09 “Wolf’s Bane”

Below I’ll list all my evidence to why I now know Stiles and Derek had Sex.

  1. First let’s look at Derek’s hair. In the first scene it’s neat. In the second scene it’s slightly messed up. You could say it was caused by Derek taking off his leather jacket…but jackets don’t require having to go over the person’s head to come off. Therefore his hair wouldn’t have been messed up This way. So why? Because Stiles was most obviously running his hands through it. 
  2. Second, let’s look at the biggest tip off. Stiles’ bed. In the first scene, Stiles’ bed is completely made up. The blankets are nicely put on and the pillows are straight. Now in the second scene, Stiles’ bed is beyond messy. The blankets are all over the place and the pillows are moved around. So why? Because Stiles and Derek obviously fucked on the bed before they called Danny over.
  3. Third, the tissue box on Stiles’ dresser. This was a small thing I didn’t really pay attention too, but now that I have, I understand. In the first scene, the tissues flowing out of the box are in a certain shape. In the second scene, the tissues are in a different shape. This means someone took tissues out of the box. Now I’ve read way too many fanfics, so this might be why. But, i’m pretty sure the two cleaned themselves off with tissue after they were done.
  4. Lastly, the final clue to the fact Stiles and Derek had sex. In the scene where Derek starts trying on shirts, he turns around to face Stiles and Danny saying “None of these fit!” I noticed that Derek’s belt in unbuckled. Now why would Derek’s belt just randomly unbuckled? That is unless he forgot to buckle it back up after he and Stiles were done.


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